Softball & Archery


Popularize and develop the sport of Softball at the grassroots in Anantapur District by ensuring greater participation by rural youth, and facilitate the development of talented youth to succeed at higher levels.

Softball and Archery are the two new programs that have been added to Anantapur Sports Academy. Both are housed at the Anantapur Sports Academy. While Softball is run through coaches appointed for both boys and girls, archery is run through camps which are held periodically.



Softball program with a total of 100 athletes is housed at ASV. It has also started with a residential program for camps where the athletes are provided with a full nutrition program, incorporating all three daily meals as well as additional diet aligned to their training needs.


Archery program was initially launched with 72 children on National Sports Day at ASV on 29th August, 2014 with the support of Sri Pratap Kumar, player of Karnataka and a local coach Sri Shiva Kumar. After receiving a great response from the children, RDT had conducted camps, latest being the summer camp during May, 2015 for nearly 30 children including 9 children being from the Chenchu tribe.