Generate interest and promote Football among rural youth, schools and clubs in all villages and mandals throughout Anantapur, as well as facilitate pathways for talented and ambitious youth to pursue Football professionally.

ASA runs a Football program across the district of Anantapur through 23 centres. The Football program was initiated for boys in 2004 and for girls in 2008.


The total number of regular, weekly participants in Football at ASA is 1,123 (178 Girls and 945 Boys).


The programs are implemented via three types of centres: Grassroot Programs, Developmental Centres and the Anantapur Sports Village.

Grassroot Programs

The ASA currently operates 20 Mandal clubs across Anantapur district, where 9 clubs run programs for both girls and boys. A total of 984 youth (153 girls and 831 boys) participate in regular, weekly Football programs at the Mandal level.


Each Mandal club has access to a Football ground and a dedicated coach. All the coaches are internally trained and supervised by RDT, as well as provided with administrative support.  All the training gear and equipment for the Mandal clubs is provided by RDT.


Children part of these Mandal Football Clubs participate annually in the RGKA (Rural Competitions) and SGFI (School Competitions) competitions at District, State and National levels. Periodic rural tournaments are organized by Mandal clubs across Anantapur District.

Development Centers

Currently, there are 2 development centers running in Anantapur for Football, at Atmakur and Bathalapalli, established in 2011. The Football infrastructure at these centres was developed by RDT in partnership with FC Barcelona Foundation. The Atmakur centre’s Football program has 54 children (13 girls and 41 boys), while the Bathalapalli centre’s Football program has 32 children (12 girls and 20 boys).


The entire program is supported by RDT, providing the children with well-maintained infrastructure, including full-sized dirt grounds with changing rooms and a dedicated full-time coach, supported by the centre’s PE Teacher. Moreover, RDT provides training gear and equipment to all children, along with a nutrition program, catering to additional diet aligned to their training. Lastly, the children are provided educational support, in the form of daily Computer and English classes.

Football Academy at Anantapur Sports Village

The Football Academy at Anantapur Sports Village (ASV) was started in 2010. It is a residential academy that supports a total of 53 boys playing at U-15, U-17 & U-20 age groups. The athletes are selected from the Mandal Football Clubs and Development Centres, through a structured Talent ID program developed by RDT.


The entire program is supported by RDT, where all athletes are provided with the necessary support for their development. The ASV comprises of quality infrastructure including a full-sized, natural grass Football field, 400m dirt running track and a club house with 4 dressing rooms, 3 office spaces and a storage facility. The athletes are provided with a full nutrition program, incorporating all three daily meals as well as additional diet aligned to their training needs, as well as educational support with free of cost access to partner schools and colleges.


Spanish clubs FC Sant Vicenti and FC Sant Cugat hold annual coaching camps for all athletes’ part of the ASV Academy, as well as children from the grassroot and development centres.


In 2014-15, all Football Academy players participated in State Level competitions.  Moreover, 10% of the Academy players participated in National Level competitions.

Major Achievements And Events

  • Participation in the South Indian Open Football Tournament, Bellary, Karnataka, February 2014
  • Friendly match played by the U-17 team against Bengaluru FC U-15, Bangalore, Karnataka, March 2014
  • Held first ever Anantapur District League from Nov 2014 onwards:
  • League conceptualized, organized and executed by RDT, for U-15 and U-17 boys categories which saw more than 200 matches being played.