ASA runs a Cricket program across the district of Anantapur through 14 centers. The programs were initiated for boys in 2000 and for girls in 2006.


The total number of regular, weekly participants in Cricket at ASA is 697 (70 girls and 627 boys). Cricket is implemented via three types of centres: Grassroot Programs, Developmental Centres and the Anantapur Sports Village.

Grassroot Programs

The ASA currently operates 11 grassroot Cricket centres across Anantapur district. A total of 478 youth (120 girls and 327 boys) participate in a regular, weekly program at these centres.


The youth at these centres have access to matted Cricket nets, gravel fields and dedicated coaches. The coaches are part of the RDT staff and are internally trained and supervised. All youth are provided free of cost training gear and equipment by RDT.

Development Centres

Currently, there are two development centres for Cricket running in Anantapur District – Atmakur and Bathalapalli – both established in 2011. These development centres reach 143 children and youth (18 girls and 125 boys).


The entire program is supported by RDT, where all the children are provided well-maintained infrastructure, including matted Cricket nets and access to ground for matches. A full-time Cricket coach appointed by RDT supports the program. Apart from this, RDT provides the children with training gear and equipment as well as a nutrition program containing additional diet aligned to their training needs. RDT also focuses on imparting educational support, by including daily Computer and English classes in the development program.

Cricket Academy at Anantapur Sports Village

Established in 2004, the academy only catered to day scholars initially, but in 2010 a residential program for boys was initiated. ASV supports a total of 70 boys and 6 girls playing at U-14, U-16 & U-19 age groups, who are selected from RDT Cricket centres at grassroot and development levels.


Alongside coaching support, the youth are provided with a full nutrition program, incorporating all three daily meals and additional diet aligned to training needs. Moreover, they are provided free of cost access to education with RDT’s partner schools and colleges.