About RDT

Rural Development Trust (RDT) is a non-governmental organization, founded by Vincent Ferrer and Anne Ferrer in 1969 in Ananthapuram, Andhra Pradesh. Since its inception, RDT has been carrying out various need-based welfare and integrated programs of development to Father &Sisterimprove the quality of life of rural poor, especially marginalized and underprivileged sections. The organization’s interventions cover major sectors such as education, women empowerment, community health, hospitals, HIV/AIDS, community habitat, CBR(Community Based Rehabilitation), ecology, cultural and sports, across four districts of Andhra Pradesh and two districts of Telangana.


RDT is currently working in over 3,000 villages across 102 Revenue Mandals consisting of 63 in Anantapur, 22 in Kurnool, 1 in Guntur and 7 in Prakasham districts of Andhra Pradesh State as well as 7 in Mahaboob Nagar and 2 in Nalgonda district of Telangana State. The Anantapur district, RDT’s largest working area, faces severe impact of recurring drought and extreme poverty conditions with deteriorating eco-systems, resulting in a serious effect to livelihood. All of these cause undue hardships to the dominating population coming from the marginalized and underprivileged regions, who form the major part of RDT’s beneficiaries.


Mrs. Anne Ferrer is the Executive Director of RDT, while Mr. Moncho Ferrer is the Program Director. RDT’s management team called the Core Team sets the strategic direction and planning for the organization. It also guides various program interventions of RDT, apart from sustaining the motivation of various staff to work in accordance with its guiding principles.


For further information about Rural Development Trust, please visit: http://rdtfvf.org