Anantapur Sports Village (ASV)

Anantapur Sports Village (ASV) was established in 2002 as a day-boarding and residential academy for talented and motivated athletes, to aid in their holistic development, while striving to succeed at elite levels. Currently, the program is supporting a total of 99 children and youth between the age groups of U11 to U20 to train in four sports (football, hockey, cricket and judo). The children and youth are selected from grassroots and development programmes through a structured Talent Identification program as well as their socio-economic backgrounds and are provided with the following support:

  • 1 international standard cricket ground with natural grass supported by 2 practice grounds along with 7 practice nets.
  • 1 full-sized, natural grass football field with an 8 lane 400m dirt running track.
  • 5 clay tennis courts fitted with floodlights.
  • 2 hockey fields.
  • All fields fitted with clubhouses with dressing rooms, office spaces and storage facilities.

RDT with the help of its partners ensure all athletes in ASV are provided with the following support:

  • Professionally trained and experienced coaches.
  • Full nutrition program, incorporating all three daily meals and additional diet catering to their training needs.
  • Suitable dormitory accommodation for all male and female athletes.
  • Education support by providing free of cost access to partner schools and colleges.
  • Professional support and guidance is offered to athletes in applying for scholarships, government jobs and to national academies run by SAI as well as other federations or clubs.