ASA’s Endeavour in Helping Moulali Keep his Dream Alive

Education was the only way Shaik Moulali’s parents thought he could shine in life. Since a very young age, his family instigated him with thoughts that Engineering was his best career option. Moulali, however had different ideas. He aspired to become a footballer, while also pursuing his education.

football-asas-endeavour-in-helping-moulali-keep-his-dream-alive-moulaliHis school education went through many ups and downs due to constant change of schools at the primary level, amidst which he realized that he would have to give up playing the sport he loved so much. He however, convinced his parents for one last chance, to be allowed to play football, upon his selection to the Anantapur Sports Village (ASV) Football Academy team through a selection trial held at his school back in 2012. Rural Development Trust (RDT) saw his exceptional talent and his passion for the sport and enrolled this promising youngster into their Anantapur Sports Academy program at the ASV.

Over time this lad grew in stature and skill, and today is one of the most gifted footballersl in the academy. Since the time he joined the ASV Football Academy, RDT also supported Moulali with his education in its entirety. He enrolled himself into Ananta Laxmi Engineering College, Anantapur, upon completing his intermediate education in 2015 to pursue Civil Engineering. He was also elected class representative (CR) based on his skill on the field, his academics in class and his uplifting demeanor. With this he keeps the hopes of his family alive too.

His stay at the academy, and constant practice delivered results as he participated in six state and two national level competitions. He was also selected to represent the Fateh Hyderabad Football Club U18 team, a second division I-League team. This marks one of the highlights of his career so far. However he now is looking forward to serve the nation and play competitive football for the Indian Army Artillery Centre, Secunderabad

He trains at the academy under Head Coach Miquel Llado, who has seen his development as a footballer from very close quarters and is highly impressed with his ability to learn and adapt quickly while maintaining a vision about the game. He says, “Moulali has an understanding of complex and modern concepts and an amazing temperament. He has balanced his education and sports proportionately, which is the reason to his success so far”. All Miquel wants now is to provide him the right guidance to help Moulali shape upto a promising career ahead. “The team management is thinking about making him the mentor for the U12 academy football team, seeing his maturity over the years” says Miquel.

Moulali, ecstatic on being selected to play for Fateh Hyderabad FC in U18 I-League, is of the opinion “This (ASV) is an impressive campus for sportspersons who dream of their future in such an atmosphere. All they need is to be determined to achieve their goal. I believe our parents need to address their misconception that academics is the only way towards a bright future. “I hope all parents understand the importance of sport and allow their kids to play the sport they like and trust them to do well whilst giving them the freedom to take their own decisions for life.”